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Dog home boarding


No kennels all in the home environment!

 Why not board your pet/s in a loving home so they can be part of a family  and cared forwhile you are away.

Stay at home service subject to conditions and a preliminary information gathering home visit or call.

Dogs must be dropped off and collected

Small rodent & Bird home boarding

We can also board our feathered friends and small furies in a loving home  where they will receive lots of TLC and be completely stress free.

Boarding prices based on per night.

             Home visits.

Why not keep your pet/s in the comfort of their own home.

Services cover; play, exercise, feeding, watering, walking, cleaning and handling              

Dogs and cats                                                                                         

Rabbits, Guinea pigs other rodents and birds (price based on two    animals)                                                                                

Exotic animal’s i.e bearded dragons and most lizards

30 minutes

45 minutes

1 hour

              Dog walking

Exercise is important for all dogs as well as having many health benefits such as preventing obesity. It also allows for socialising, so why not free up some time and let HSH walk your four legged family members for you.

Travel time not included in solo walks

Travel is included in our group walks but we aim to use the closest park to maximise their time in the field.

Solo walks

30 minute

45 minutes

1 hour

Group walks 1 hour

                                                                   Doggy Day Care

can your days get busy? or maybe your work hours don't allow you to spend much time at home during the day but you don't want your pet/s alone to for long? well don't worry our day care service is perfect for you.

Half days 8am-1pm or 1pm-5:30pm (times can be adjusted to suit your needs)


Full days 9am-5pm  (times can be adjusted to suite your needs)

additional hours on request


Pets at your events

A sit down meeting to discuss your needs and the role you would like HSH to play on the day with your pet/s
Collection from home, kennels or a relatives on the big day
A walk for your pet/s before going to the event (to burn of a bit of energy so he/she isn't to over excited)
a doggie brush and smarten up (if wanted we can take them to the groomers we do pet taxi for, the day before as an option for a full groom)
Bringing you pet/s to the venue
look after them during this time and supply all water and toys needed
Give your pet/s a second walk after the event,
and return you much loved pet/s home or to a relative and if needed sit with them for up to 40 minutes to make sure they settle down.
or alternatively board them with HSH

                     Pet sitting 

Pet sitting for dogs and cats (or other species) available on per hour basis

Pet Taxi

Your pet(s) never have to miss another appointment with pet taxi Secure transport for you and your pet(s) to their appointment and back home.

please call for further information. 

                                                                   Private tutoring


Coursework and exam revision support for GCSE, A level Biology & first year Degree plus all animal related college courses from level 1 through to level 3 and Foundation.


Please contact me for further information.

Fully DBS checked.



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